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Ursula Burns

Chairman of Veon 

Former chairman of Xerox

“We are 50% of the population in the world. We are as educated, as talented – we should be able to carry that through to the heights of governance in corporate America.

It's essential to have women on boards to provide a different point of view in the decision-making process."

"You have to turn down men that you know, that you think are talented and good, and literally lean towards a woman choice. I encourage companies to use The Women’s Forum of New York as a valuable resource to find professional women.

If you’re that purposeful, then we will be able to get to parity by 2025.” The Women’s Forum of New York has a database of CEO-sponsored, board-ready women available at no cost to companies and search firms.

There are plenty of qualified women out there – but it is the company’s responsibility to utilize these resources and be focused on gender equality. 


Roger Ferguson - CEO TIAA


"Boards with more diverse voices, lead to companies with better financial performances."

Peter Grauer - Chairman Bloomberg L.P.


"It's not a pipeline issue... it's a demand issue."

Patrick Burke - CEO HSBC North America


"It's simple... you have to tell yourself, I'm going to find a qualified candidate with a diverse background ."

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