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Empowering Women in Leadership


Women's Forum of New York

We teamed up with the  Women's Forum to create more awareness for the issue of Women on Boards in the US.

We interviewed CEOs and Chairmen of Fortune 500 companies to share with us why having women on boards is a strategic business imperative.

We experienced that when business leaders speak out for gender equality, this sends out a very strong message to the market.

The target audience are the other CEOs and Chairmen of the Fortune 500 companies. They have to be inspired to get more women leaders on their boards.


We interviewed CEOs of the Fortune 500  companies about Gender Parity
The Quest for Gender Parity on Corporate Boards
Anouk Pappers (CoolBrands) and Janice Ellig (Women's Forum)
in discussion with Terry Lundgren - CEO Macy's
Janice Ellig (Women's Forum) and Anouk Pappers (CoolBrands)
in discussion with Roger Ferguson - CEO TIAA 
Women's Forum
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