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Peter T. Grauer

Chairman of Bloomberg LP 

Chairman of the US 30% Club.

"The pace of change at the board level has been moving at a glacial speed of less than 1% per year for the last 20 years. That percentage is not nearly where it needs to be and it is unacceptable. CEOs and chairmen, and anyone at the top of an organization – this change starts with you"

"The most evident and most important reason to diversify corporate boards is performance. Diversifying at the top of your organization has statistically proven to positively impact business."

So how can companies make this happen?

"To start, company leadership must set the tone at the top towards an intentional focused movement for gender equality in the boardroom. As Peter says, it is not a pipeline issue; the talent is there and “it is up to us as CEOs and Chairs to make the difference and make it happen.”


Roger Ferguson - CEO TIAA


"Boards with more diverse voices, lead to companies with better financial performances."

 Ursula Burns  - Chairman VEON


"It's a good thing to have different points of view in the decision-making process."

Patrick Burke - CEO HSBC North America


"It's simple... you have to tell yourself, I'm going to find a qualified candidate with a diverse background ."

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