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Roger W. Ferguson

President & CEO TIAA 


"I know that there are numerous compelling reasons to have women on boards. First and foremost, just think about what the American population looks like – about 50% female by definition – and controlling most of the purchasing decisions.
Currently, the United States ranks number 14 worldwide in gender diversity on boards... this is unacceptable."

“The answer, I think, for moving up from 14 to 1 in terms of gender diversity on boards – is to be Insistent, is to be focused, and is to hold ourselves accountable to fill every other seat that opens on a board with a woman.

Having diversity in the boardroom is inspirational for the company’s workforce and encourages company morale. I think it really inspires people in the organization to look to the board and see faces that look like them, voices that sound like them. There are numerous studies that show that boards with more diverse voices end up leading to companies with better financial performance. Who wouldn’t want that?

To all CEOs – I say the following: we are the CEOs. We are the leaders. We are the game changers. We can make a difference. 

In conversation with Roger Ferguson

In conversation with Roger Ferguson

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Rodney Martin - CEO Voya Financial


"We can only get to parity if we make it a priority today."

 Ursula Burns  - Chairman VEON


"It's a good thing to have different points of view in the decision-making process."

Patrick Burke - CEO HSBC North America


"It's simple... you have to tell yourself, I'm going to find a qualified candidate with a diverse background ."

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