Rodney Martin
CEO and Chairman Voya Financial 


"I believe we can get to gender parity. But we can only get to parity if we make it a priority today. 

I just think that every company should strive for that because the conversation around the boardroom table changes in a very positive and effective way.”

"Participating in the Women’s Forum of New York’s CEO panel discussion was a unique opportunity I took part in after Voya went public. It helped even my board strengthen their resolve in thinking about how do we extend this as quickly as possible in our getting to parity.” 

"I would encourage CEOs to actively attend, participate and engage to make gender parity in the boardroom possible by 2025.

2025 is eminently doable and I believe we can get to parity. But we can only get to parity if we make it a priority today. As a society, we cannot afford to ignore the talent of half the population – women!

The time is now for Gender Equality."


Roger Ferguson - CEO TIAA


"Boards with more diverse voices, lead to companies with better financial performances."

 Ursula Burns  - Chairman VEON


"It's a good thing to have different points of view in the decision-making process."

Patrick Burke - CEO HSBC North America


"It's simple... you have to tell yourself, I'm going to find a qualified candidate with a diverse background ."