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We are a diverse group of people with different cultural backgrounds and different skill sets                                                         

"The Brand Anthropologist"


"The Storyteller"

"The Strategist"

"The Author"

Anouk Pappers

Founder CoolBrands

Maarten Schäfer
Author & Inspirational speaker

Judith Wieringa

Author, Copywriter

Nancy Bowman
Vice President CoolBrands People

"The Personal Brander"


"The Visual Storyteller"

"The Digital Storyteller"

"The Networker"

Cordelia Henry

CoolBrands Partner Dubai

Clair G. Hur

Y-gen Strategist

Bauke Bakker

Videographer / Drone operator

Ziyad Alarfaj

CoolBrands Partner Middle East 

"The Content Provider"


"The Digital Storyteller"

"The D&I Specialist"

"The Creative Mind"

Rodric Leering

Writer / Blogger

Dorus de Vries

Y-gen Strategist

Torian Richardson

Access & Inclusion specialist 

Jordano da Silva Piloto

Creative Director

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