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CoolBrands People was founded in 2002 by brand anthropologist Anouk Pappers and visual storyteller Maarten Schäfer. 


Our starting point: There is an information overload... people do not need more information... they want a story they can relate to.


In 2002 we started helping companies to tell their story. Not the usual top-down communication... but authentic stories, from a 3rd party perspective.

Based in Amsterdam, we started traveling the world to meet the people with a vision and brands with a purpose.


We wrote stories for big brands like Google, Mercedes and Apple... but also for fashion designers and artists in countries like Brazil and Nigeria.

A selection of the best stories was published in an annual coffee table book, titled: 


"Around the World in 80 Brands"



Since 2002...


We interviewed over 800 CEOs,  CMOs, business owners and artists


Published 15 books...

2012 - Launch CoolBrands Brazil








2014 - Start of our partnership in Dubai








2016 - Opening of our New York City office


CoolBrands People is composed of a network of freelance professionals...


Based in Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.

Our expertise varies from brand builders to social media experts...


From personal branding coaches to visual storytellers


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