Storytelling Expedition Africa
As part of a rebranding for a hotel chain, we were assigned to do a storytelling expedition in 12 African countries. We would travel to all the hotels in the different destinations.  We would turn our back to the hotel... experience the destination and write the story, take pictures and video. The stories and videos were shared on social media by all the 130 hotels worldwide.
"Swimming with a whale shark"
"Happy kids in N'Djamena"
"Fault lines and salt lakes"
"Sound of Silence"
"Living Desert"
"From Walvis bay to Swakopmund"
"Hidden secrets of Twyvelfontein"
"Out with the bushmen"
"Close encounter with a lion"
"Big Daddy and I"
"Dar es Salaam's art scene"
"Mount Kilimanjaro"
"Don't mess with mama"
"CSI - Who killed the zebra?"
"The Maasai wild life channel"
"Touch down Serengeti"
"The Serengeti migration"
"Things money can't buy"
"Sailing a Mango tree"
"Touch down in Stone Town"
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