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Glenn Buggy

Managing Partner, Co-Head of Global Financial Services Practice at Caldwell

Diversity recruiting is a business imperative 


I’m in discussion with Glenn Buggy about workplace diversity. A subject that has become an increasingly hot topic over the past few years and yet still few companies really managed to fully incorporate diversity, let alone inclusion. 

Glenn, a professional with a particular sense for judgement of talent, focuses both within his own firm and within his clients’ organizations, on tackling the issue, for long-term positive impact. 

I’ll share short pieces of our discussion, per subject. This is the first.

So Glenn, from your point of view, why is diversity recruiting a business imperative?

“What I have experienced throughout the past few years in my career, is that creating a culture that embraces diversity is essential when attracting new hires and retaining employees. Solving for diversity however is not a “one size fits all”. Many organizations have hired Diversity and Inclusion Officers to help make ongoing improvements while training and educating employees to ensure they follow legislation and employment law regulations. Of course that is important, however, in oder to ensure success in the long run, companies need all leaders to buy into diversity.

“There are countless studies and statistics show the positive impact that diversity, inclusion and equality have with respect to performance, creativity, innovation and superior financial results.

“While it’s important to adopt some of the practices we’ve laid out here, tackling workplace diversity is a fluid effort that should be examined throughout the year. “Me and my team strive to help our clients develop a diversity & inclusion strategy and programs, while aligning broader goals, people and processes.

“Diversity and inclusion’s greatest value comes when it is embraced not only as a set of HR initiatives, but also as a holistic business program. Linking your strategy to include business, financial management leaders and influencers creates this connection that can ultimately deliver increased performance and financial value.”

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Managing Partner, Co-Head of Global Financial Services Practice at Caldwell

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