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Dawn Hudson

Growth Champion and Keynote Speaker


Dawn Hudson explains in this powerful talk, diversity is at the heart of successful modern business models. Diverse points of view and people not only fuel new ways of thinking but also fill gaps or weaknesses that may exist. A champion of diversity throughout her time at the NFL and Pepsi, Hudson believes that empowering diverse voices is a critical aspect of leadership and talent development at any company. Without offering new points of view seats at the table, Hudson explains, organizations have little hope of powering their brand or industry into the future. A blend of anecdotes and best practices, this talk hits on the power of diversity in building smart business strategies, a thriving corporate culture, and leaders for the next generation.


Inclusive Leadership. Throughout her career, Dawn Hudson has worked with and led high-performing teams at major organizations including PepsiCo, the NFL, and worldwide consulting group Parthenon. Here, Hudson draws on real-world examples from successes and failures in her own life to showcase how she brings the best contributions out of team members and gets them functioning at their highest capacity.

She hits on key themes, including:

  • Bringing new voices to the table

  • The importance of diversity as it relates to strong problem-solving

  • Leading through others to magnify a team’s overall strategic direction

  • How to foster qualities that strengthen existing leaders and enable new ones

  • The difference between control and motivational leadership

  • The importance of clarity of purpose and keeping the goal simple

An excellent look at how leaders can better themselves and those around them, Hudson shares her battle-tested perspective on leadership and gives audiences the tools they need to become better leaders, more engaged team-players, and stronger additions to high-functioning teams.

Dawn Hudson – Keynote Speaker – Independent Board Director


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Dawn Hudson - Pepsi - NFL - Speaker - Si

"The Value of Diversity"

Keynote at the 3D Experience Forum

Dawn Hudson - Keynote Speaker

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