Storytelling Expedition Africa
As part of a rebranding for a hotel chain, we were assigned to do a storytelling expedition in 12 African countries. We would travel to all the hotels in the different destinations.  We would turn our back to the hotel... experience the destination and write the story, take pictures and video. The stories and videos were shared on social media by all the 130 hotels worldwide.
"Meeting at the Emirates Palace"
"Meeting at the Emirates Palace"
"Soma Bay Corals"
"Seafood Lunch on a Schooner"
"The Valley of the Kings"
In the Footsteps of the Pharaohs"
"Descent into the Pharaoh's Tomb"
"Descent into the Pharaoh's Tomb"
"Cairo, City of a Thousand Minarets"
"The Magic of Cairo's Bazaar"
"In the Footsteps of Moses"
"Lawrence of Arabia"
"In at the Deep End"
"The Lost City of Petra"
"The Lost City of Petra"
"Shop Like a Bahraini"
"The Mystery of the Tree of Life"
"A Journey Through Islamic History"
"Abu Camera"
"Doha on Your Day Off"
"Ski Chalet in Dubai"
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