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Lloyd Emerson Johnson

 - Creative Visionary

Lloyd Emerson Johnson - Creative Visionary

As a strategic partner and stakeholder champion, I evaluate all corners of an organization in order to create value-driven businesses that are strong operationally, technologically, and financially. My comprehensively judicious approach toward identifying opportunities to mitigate risk, leverage technology, and drive organic and inorganic growth, has allowed me to successfully serve on numerous broads.

Trusted Advisor

Integrity, diligence, and quality are the values I focus on when leading or advising. I have served as a high-level advisor to high profile and discerning leaders, including members of Boards, CEOs, and country CEOs. I am committed to the success of my clients and provide sound, reliable and intelligent strategies. My approach to board level discussions is simple – well informed and pragmatic.

International Leadership

I previously served as Global Managing Director, Finance and Internal Audit for Accenture Corporation. Building the company’s pioneering programs (developing countries’ global finance operating model during a period with massive global expansion), and serving as a trusted advisor to the CEO, I was able to make transformational contributions during my time there.

As a former Fortune 50 leader, board consultant, and independent board director with broad experience in financial and strategic planning, I think across disciplines, cultures, and scenarios.

Looking Onto the Future 

With a goal to deliver results with a drive for excellence, I want to bring my expertise to more boards – public and private. I focus on risk management, and especially in current times of multiple uncertainties, boards need to be able to assess, analyze, and face risks.

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Strategic Partner and Stakeholder Champion
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Visionary Leadership
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360° Risk Assessment
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