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A female senior-level executive leaving the corporate world to focus on board seats and consulting.


What was the challenge


‘Online’, she was suddenly on her own. No more company to back her online reputation.
She decided she needed to reinvent herself.

She has a strong CV, super background, but she was always 'part' of the company.


What was the approach


Define her brand, position her as an authority.

Redefine her online presence, and build it.

Create content; her story in 3 chapters, Past – Present – Future.

Video content to support the different dimensions of the brand YOU.

Publish regularly to stay relevant and top of mind.


What are the results


Invitations to speak at industry conferences went up.

Those lead to new business opportunities and new business.

‘Sleeping’ network gets revived and refers new business.

Number of board seat opportunities increased, she currently sits on 2 boards.


A women-led executive search firm in New York


What was the challenge


The different partners and associates needed to be positioned more consistently online.



What was the approach


Their online presence was good.

However, their positioning was not clear enough.

The different partners and associates were positioned as authorities in their respective areas.

Written and video content were created to support and reinforce their brands.

The content was shared within their networks.

A constant creation and publication of thought leader content to support their positioning.


What are the results


The image of partners and associates increased, as did the firm’s.

Direct new business came from video content.

A clearer positioning leads to more often being invited to speak, comment on tv and be interviewed.

One of the partners definitely has become an even greater authority on a specific topic. 



Jamie Covello - Avison Young_edited.png


Female business owner of a retail consulting firm (founded 16 years ago)


What was the challenge


To create an exit strategy for in 3-5 years.

Detach the owner from the company.

Now, the company = the owner.


What was the approach


Rebrand the owner as a separate brand.

Create content to support the new brand.

Focus on activities that are not linked to the company.

Use tags and keywords that position the owner as a separate entity/brand, detached from the company.


What are the results


An improved internal understanding of the new strategy.

New projects coming the owner’s way, separate from the company.

A growth in advisory and strategic partnerships, so that the owner can work as well on projects for the company and on third party projects.

A year and a half after we started, the online presence of the owner has grown largely apart from the company.



A high-end lawyer who works in a niche


What was the challenge


To make the niche more known and get his authority out there.

Usually, people who are in this line of work, are not lawyers, but advisors.


What was the approach


Define his Unique Benefit Point and create content to support it.

Writing is often done by lawyers and advisors – very technical, impersonal.

 We decided to concentrate on video content to humanize the man behind the lawyer.

To put a ‘face’ to his knowledge.

Video engages your audience much more than writing.

Make his vision understandable.

Avoid technical details.


What are the results


Huge appreciation of the content by peers and clients.

The content gets ‘checked out’ by potential clients and is very well received.

It’s a conversation starter that leads to new business opportunities and actual new business.

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