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Authority Positioning

The concept of Authority Positioning is to provide instant proof that a person or business is an authority in their industry.

Authority positioning is a strategy that allows professionals to leverage their knowledge, positioning them as an expert.

We can help you gain this position by:

1. Articulate what you stand for

2. Define your niche / expertise / positioning

3. Create relevant content

    (video interviews / articles / photographs)

4. Publish the content on your website,

    LinkedIn, Blog, Social media


5. Grow your network

     and interact with your target audience

Anouk Pappers - Interview thought leader
Anouk Pappers - Thought leader content -
Anouk Pappers - Camera coaching.jpg
Authority Positioning - Maarten Schäfer

Authority Positioning - Maarten Schäfer

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By showcasing one’s thought leadership, authority and trust can be developed.


Making sure your online presence is at its best showing who you are, what you stand for,

and how you are different is an important part of positioning yourself.

Anouk Pappers - Charles W. Ranson - Thou

If you would like to discuss your personal brand and your thought leadership...

Please shoot us an email.

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