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Aldina Duarte Ramos

Wellness Activist


Why democratise wellness?

Democratising wellness is crucial. It should be accessible for everyone – not just high-end consumers. Everybody has a right to a healthy life.

However, the responsibility for implementing this vision is also everybody’s. That means lobbying governments, tackling issues like Monsanto and the meat industry and so forth, as well as making good food available – and affordable – for everyone. And this needs to happen now. We can’t postpone it any longer.


How are you working towards this vision?

In my role as president of SPA-A and chair of ISO ST02 Wellness Tourism in France, I’m busy sharing my knowledge, research and vision on how we can all best work towards a new balance, taking the 4 wellness pillars into account.

And of course, at ground-level by working with chefs and nutritionists in our hotels who all play a part in creating a holistic approach towards wellness. Hopefully speaking opportunities will also afford me the chance to connect with the all-important younger generations. They’re the real change makers.

Aldina Duarte Ramos - Wellness Activist

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