Aldina Duarte Ramos

Positive Change leader  

Wellness Activist


"What doesn't kill us,

makes us stronger"

Aldina Duarte Ramos - Wellness Activist.


I’ve been at the cutting-edge of the wellness industry for over 15 years and amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge along the way.
I believe that knowledge is a circle that never ends and should be shared.

In my role as president of SPA-A, I’m busy sharing my knowledge, research, and vision on how we can all best work towards a new balance.

I feel the industry has reached a critical time as new wellness trends emerge to counteract the stress of digital life. And I'm on a mission: the democratization of wellness.

In an increasingly stressful society, wellness is the way forward:
Wellness is inevitable, let’s embrace it and invite wellness lifestyles in our daily lives.

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Aldina Duarte Ramos - Wellness Activist
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Aldina Duarte Ramos - Wellness Activist
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In 2015, the United Nations set the Sustainable development Goals.
I wanted to make a positive impact on the world in a way that reflects my personal values. I chose to support goal # 5: GENDER EQUALITY.


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